A new day

Well, as predicted, Stan’s funeral did act as the metaphoric full stop to the chaotic last few months described in my earlier post. It is weird, it feels like a huge Doctor Who adventure has just finished and I have just arrived in the TARDIS somewhere totally new.

As funerals go, it was a very mixed affair. The opening piece of music was Get Rhythm by Johnny Cash, which was very apt for Stan. The main body of the service was fairly religion heavy with various biblical readings, prayers and a hymn which I am sure provided comfort for some, including Stan’s older sister. As far as I knew, Stan wasn’t a particularly religious man but I guess people of a certain generation like to do things in a particular way. It was nice to hear a summary of his life and was very moving (if a little strange) to hear his daughter Astrid and nephew Paul read the lyrics to Dance On (a song I wrote for Stan in his final days) out loud. The final song of the service was Stan’s own eponymous song, played from the Wild Trash CD. After the service, it was off to the Jacob’s Well, which was one of Stan’s favourite pubs. They have got some nice beer on and they also put a good spread on for everybody. A lot of us carried on drinking perhaps a bit later than we were originally planning, moving up to the Mannville for the evening session. I am sure I was not alone in feeling pretty rough yesterday! It was nice to pay our final respects and it is a nice feeling to not have to worry about not only a good friend suffering but also the organising of various things in parallel.

We return to the rehearsal room tomorrow night with SBC and I guess it is a case of running through everything, picking up the pieces and working on new stuff too. We also need to decide when our next gig is and when we are going to record. We have been asked if we want to play at the MS Matters benefit gig at The Mannville on the 24th of this month, so that needs to be discussed. Personally speaking, I wasn’t planning on us being involved after just finishing playing at two all-dayers recently. It would be nice to be able to relax a bit this time and just enjoy the day, rather than having to worry about stuff. Also, it would be nice to play a gig of our own (or at least a grab decent support slot) at another venue for our next appearance. Still, it has not been discussed yet so anything could happen.

I am planning on spending some proper time doing Mannville business soon, to run through the backlog of band requests. We have quite a backlog and I haven’t had the time recently to go through and give them all a listen. We are still heavily booked up until September I think but late summer needs some attention.

At the moment, I am chilling a bit and I feel more relaxed than I have done for quite a long time. Just the job!

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