Life lessons I have learned recently

I have not blogged for a while as there have been some very profound and turbulent changes in my life recently. I won’t go into any details as I do not wish to upset or offend any of the people involved.

However, I have learned some very valuable life lessons throughout all this. I am just reaching the stage where they are starting to sink in. Writing this blog is partly self-therapy to help with that and if it offers any comfort or inspiration to anyone reading it, then it’s a bonus. I did post something on Facebook with some of these observations in but then I thought of more. If you think it self indulgent then you don’t have to read on, it’s just my thoughts. I am not directing them at anyone else but myself.

Always follow your heart, especially if you are in an unhappy situation.
Being an emotional train wreck does not make for a good foundation for something stable.
You have to find out who you are before you can think about sharing it with someone else and if you are in a situation where you have forgotten who you are, then you need to take steps to change that.
Always be honest and open about how you feel no matter how scary that may seem, even if you are not sure how you feel.
Friendship is one of the most important things in life but don’t forget your family. Be there for all of them as much as they are there for you.
If you want something so badly, take the time to make sure it is really what you want and if it is right for you it will happen. Patience is a virtue. Don’t take on too much too soon. It will overload and confuse you.
Try not to be so reckless as to forsake other people’s feelings. Think before you act.
Try your best to trust until proven otherwise; it is the very foundation on which everything else is built.
You cannot go through life without being hurt or hurting others. It’s never nice but if it happens for the right reasons then it is nobody’s fault.
Spontaneity makes you feel alive but you cannot build a strong foundation on chaos alone, there must be some semblance of order to balance it out. Likewise, a life with nothing but order and routine can make you forget yourself.
Just a little reassurance goes a long way; everybody needs it from time to time even if they don’t admit it.
Everybody needs time and space to think. The more you deny them that, the further they may drift.
You often realise things when you are not thinking about them at all.
Basic human needs like eating and sleeping are the most essential things to your survival and they affect everything else in your life. Do not neglect them.
Drinking can be good for the soul and lift your spirits but try and make sure you drink for the right reasons and make sure you heed the previous comment.

If you have read this far then well done lol. I am not trying to preach to anybody, just imparting a few of the many things I have learned recently.

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