Mind how EU go

As we reach today’s milestone of just a month until the EU vote, the rhetoric gathers apace. I have made my intentions and feelings clear on many a long deleted Facebook post. There are many arguments for and against but few are certain or concrete. I am going with gut feeling, what feels right for me and I suspect many will.

A very good friend of mine keeps a blog on the subject and has devoted most of his adult life to the cause. He is extremely knowledgeable and his arguments are very compelling so I trust and support the judgement of him and the many learned parties of the company he keeps.

A few weeks ago, I chose to distance myself somewhat from the argument. In the main because politics is not a strong subject for me. I don’t really have the knowledge, patience or probably even the passion for it and pretending otherwise was just making me look like an idiot.

I think politics can bring out the worst in people. Sometimes there is nothing more irritating than someone on their soapbox. This issue seems particularly rife for it. I noticed myself behaving in a way which I didn’t like. I was allowing myself to get upset by things which really aren’t worth getting that upset over and in turn I was probably upsetting people myself. I am very fortunate in that my friends are many and varied and consist of people who sit on each side of the fence. The last thing I want to do is lose any of them.

I think it is very important to vote and have your say whichever way that might be. Many have fought for that right over generations. Whatever the outcome may be, the build up to it should not be the cause of people falling out with each other.

So, if I have upset or annoyed anyone in the last few months on this issue, then I do apologise. As I now realise, that really was not me.

I’ll say no more on the subject and cast my vote next month. After all, that’s really the only expression that matters.

Peace out!

By Alec Posted in Blog

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