2016 – Marching time and changing tides

After a number of years of keeping this blog and especially writing my annual reviews, it has become apparent that each year has its own character.

Every year has its ups and downs, its endings and beginnings. 2016 has seen the closing of a few fairly long term chapters for me and some new beginnings too. A lot of this was covered in previous entries in more detail so please excuse me for repeating myself a bit. It’s not in chronological order.

Dawn of Elysium has seen a great year of progress, playing 13 gigs in total, making lots of new friends and most importantly finally completing and releasing the full length debut album Time and Tide. The album was almost two years in the making. Despite the majority of the music having been written, we recorded it ourselves. We started from scratch in many ways, buying the equipment and learning to use the software as we went. My friend Martin Hawthorn was along for the ride, doing an outstanding job of the producing and mixing, giving the songs a new dimension in many cases.

It was a proud moment for me when it had been completed and we had CDs in our hands. A huge personal milestone indeed. I have been involved in bands for many years and had always wanted to do albums but aside from anthology type albums from Dawnraiser and Suicide By Cop which were made up from collections of EPs and extra tracks, none of the projects ever reached the point of doing a full length album. Up until this point, it would have been a relatively expensive goal to use a professional studio to record so much material in one go as I simply did not have the equipment to achieve it. A few of my friends had done so in their past and present projects and I had always been in admiration of their being in a position to. It takes the full band to be 100% committed, wilfully and financially to achieve it and it’s not always possible for everyone to be so focused. Since finishing the album and becoming more familiar with the hardware and software, we have commenced a number of recordings which will form the basis for our next releases. We’re looking forward to a period of further writing and recording in the new year, the latter of which will probably come a whole lot easier.

In May, I took the decision of leaving Echofire. After a prolonged period of no momentum and a few internal issues, I had simply had enough. We gave it a good run but unfortunately it never got off the ground as it stood. There are some recordings for a planned EP which I did quite a bit of work on in the first half of the year but we never got round to finishing them properly. Perhaps one day they will see the light of day but for now they are parked. My leaving was ultimately the best thing for all concerned looking back. Echofire continued and after a few line-up changes, found a new enthusiasm. They will hopefully be ready to do something next year. They remain some of my best friends and seeing them socially recently and looking so happy about the band has made me smile. Fortune did not favour Echofire for many reasons until I left and they really deserve a break. I sincerely hope 2017 will be their year.

After my departure from Echofire, I formed a new band with my friends Mikey May and Lyndon Birchall and we decided on the name Man Down. It has not been without its teething problems but we managed to get a bunch of songs together and play our first gig in December. We really enjoyed it and it seemed to be well received. We’re planning to spend some time adding to and refining our material in the new year with a view to getting out playing towards the spring time. In and amongst all this, we also wrote, recorded and released a Christmas song. The song is called “Man Down The Chimney” and is in aid of CALM. More information about it can be read here.

In August, there was a brief, exciting and strange episode where a number of planets aligned and I was taken down a path of deep nostalgia. I had met up with some old friends with whom I was in a band called Dark Embrace many moons ago. The topic of a potential reunion was discussed and put to the wider band membership but it was not clear exactly what shape the potential reunion would take. I wrote about this in this blog entry. Shortly after, the embryonic talks broke down and the idea floated off as suddenly as it had appeared. Not everyone was up for it and those who were each had slightly different ideas about what they wanted from it. My conclusion was that too much time had elapsed and we had all changed so much in the intervening 20 or so years. There were certain aspects of the situation which I did not personally want to revisit which I won’t elaborate on and although it was wonderful to catch up with some old and still very dear friends with whom I would very much like to maintain contact, I was relieved when it became apparent that the project wasn’t to be. Who knows, something may come out of it in the future but evidently not at the moment.

For many years, in addition to my band activities I have been involved to varying degrees in events and DJing. The former had all but finished in the last few years and in February, I organised my last event. It was called “Somebody Else’s Problem” and was in aid of PAFRAS. More information can be found here. It is of course a very worthy cause and the night itself went well but it wasn’t without its headaches. As anyone who has organised an event will tell you, it takes a fair bit of mental energy to keep things together for this type of thing and I would rather focus my energies onto my musical projects. Of course I am more than happy to play as part of charity events as I have done for years and I will pitch in where needed but my days of putting events together are at an end.

With regards to DJing, I have had some enjoyable DJ gigs at The Black Swan over the last year or two, playing alongside Matt Kula as part of the Trap Door pre-party for some months. I have been asked to do New Year’s Eve of this year and I decided that I would like to make it my last one. I have been a pub rock/alt DJ since 1996 and 20 years seemed like a nice cut-off point. I don’t have the enjoyment that I used to for it. I have sacrificed a fair few weekend nights to it but also have had to cancel a few due to gigs with my band, which is not really fair on the venue. I intend to enjoy this last one as much as possible and I am really looking forward to it. I guess it’s just a case of changed priorities ahead.

Special mention needs to be extended to the passing of our friend and colleague on the Bradford scene Harry “Scouse” Roberts. He really was a stalwart and worked many a music venue, mixing the sound and being a general nuisance. He was many things to many people but to many of us a very caring friend and he shall be missed. I wrote this eulogy about him when he passed on in April. In true Bradford tradition, we got together and had a big shindig in his honour with a few bands and we were positive he was with us in spirit.

It has been very much a year of changing tides as the old makes way for the new and it’s fitting really that the DOE album title wraps this up so well. It’s almost like fate has somehow coordinated things. Not to mention the plethora of significant celebrity deaths 2016 has brought us. I definitely feel like 2017 will be a year of new beginnings in many ways. In my personal life, I am planning to move home and also get married to my beloved Emma and we’re looking forward to all the new adventures it brings.

My initial plan for January is to have a period of abstinence from the drink and quit the smoking (which I have cut down on a lot in recent years). I am also planning to go “off grid” for a bit, particularly from Facebook which I will be deactivating for a while. It’s just a time to catch up with myself for a bit and to concentrate on what’s important.

Until then, I plan to enjoy the festive period. I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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