All My Thorns – same but different

In the summer of 2018, I discovered a band who were playing exactly my kind of music. Atmospheric moody heavy gothic rock/metal. They had appeared seemingly from nowhere and were destined for great things. Their debut at Carpe Noctum was an opening set which blew the roof off. I was completely floored by the performance, sound and songs and immediately went and bought their EP and t-shirt. We’d been sat chatting with the singer before the show and we seemed to click straight away. Not only was this band brilliant but refreshingly down to earth, no pretence and no ego. Just 5 lads from Preston who wanted to make some great rock music. The band was called Sometime The Wolf and following that night, they forged ahead, quickly gathering an army of loyal fans and friends and deservedly so. 

They were exactly what the goth scene was crying out for and I think in turn they really inspired my own band Dawn of Elysium. We already occupied similar spaces sonically and I think upon hearing them, it encouraged me to revisit, incorporate and build upon the heavier, progressive influences of projects past. We expanded our line-up from 3 to 4 and later 5 and as a unit we felt revitalised and stronger. We were lucky enough to share a bill with Sometime The Wolf on a number of occasions and we became friends.

In 2020 at the height of the Covid pandemic, many bands were facing challenges. Many were mothballed until safer times returned, some split completely and some faced personnel changes. I myself left Threshold Shift during this time since the inability to get out and play gigs took its toll and although we managed to get into the rehearsal studio a few times, I felt as though I wasn’t getting out of it what the other guys were. In the absence of gigs, I wanted to create, write and record more whereas the others were happy to just play and have fun with the extensive existing repertoire. It was fun, bloody good fun but something was missing for me. I was much happier in my studio working on the Dawn of Elysium album during those precious weekend days which seemed to fly by all too quickly.

Another band who suffered during the lockdown period was Sometime The Wolf. Internal conflicts and strains came to a head and they went their separate ways, essentially splitting into two camps. Singer Drew and bassist Korv were to carry on with the name All My Thorns and the rest of the band were making new plans which at the time of writing are still to be revealed.

By this point, I was friends with all of them to varying degrees and I have utmost respect for them all as people and musicians. I was saddened to hear of the split and Drew spoke with me at length about it. During these conversations he asked me if I might be interested in getting involved with All My Thorns and how we could make it work with us living in different counties. I was excited and honoured to be asked. It was just the challenge I needed. Sometime The Wolf had been a formidable force and Joe and Lee are very accomplished guitarists, both of whom I have great respect for. A tough act to follow indeed.

All My Thorns April 2021 (from left) Drew Freeman, Alec Marlow, Mark Commons, Korv Sutch

The music of All My Thorns is right up my street. It is early days yet and there is much work to be done. There is a framework for a starting point. With the distinctive sound of the vocal and bass, it will obviously be a sonic sequel to what came before and there is a plethora of ideas on the table to get us going. Rehearsals are yet to start in earnest but from the contact and run throughs we’ve had so far, we feel it’s going to work well. There is a wealth of experience between us and much is already happening behind the scenes. I firmly believe that it will get to where it needs to be very quickly.

Our first appearances will be the HRH Goth dates in Leeds and London 11-12 September 

Work on Dawn of Elysium continues unaffected, more news of which later.

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