Drink In You

A runaway feeling in a throwaway time
A stowaway meaning in a blow away mind
Trying to regret as you’re dying to forget
These threads of disappointment that are keeping you alive

Feeling like it’s ending when it only just begins
Looking like it’s going then it comes around again
Standing on the finish line to start the journey’s end
Turn another chapter just to see that it’s the same

I drink in you, you drink in me
Is it too late to wait and see?
If you feel me, if I feel you
If it’s too late for us to be
Is it all wrapped up in the past?
Is it all wrapped up in defeat?
Now as we crave something to want
Something to come and make believe

Thinking that you’re drowning when coming up for air
Seeming like you’re crowded when you know there’s no-one there
Treat fair-weather passengers as everlasting friends
Only to forsake the ones on which you can depend