2016 – home stretch

As we enter the final couple of months of the year, I look forward to the last three events I’m involved in for 2016. It’s a mixture of firsts and last.

On 26th November, Dawn of Elysium is playing its final gig of the year. It’s as part of Goth City Festival. We’re on at the main event at Wharf Chambers, Leeds and will be onstage at around 7.30. It will be our 13th gig of the year and our last one in the calendar as it stands. We’re taking some time out certainly in the early part of 2017 to write and record some brand new material following our debut album release in October of this year.

On 10th December, my new rock band Man Down plays its debut gig at the Black Swan in Bradford. We started at the back end of May of this year and have been spending time putting our first batch of songs together. We are all looking forward to making our first noises to the world. To coincide with this, we’re releasing our charity Christmas single. More details of this can be read here. There are further writing and recording plans to commence in the new year.

On New Year’s Eve, I am spinning the tunes at the Black Swan as I do my final DJ gig of the year. I have decided that it will probably be my last one. 2016 has been my twentieth full year of being a pub rock DJ. I’ve had a lot of interesting and fun times. Everything from verbal and physical abuse to people having the time of their lives. I’ve done wedding receptions, reunions, birthdays, punk nights, metal nights, prog rock nights. I have DJ’d using vinyl, CD and even cassette as well as the now ubiquitous laptop. The gigs have been more sparse of late, due in the main part to my band gig commitments. I have found myself enjoying it less so these days and I’d rather leave it to the many talented folks out there who have more of a passion for it. I will still be doing the odd favour for friends at private functions but I’m not going to be seeking any more pub/club gigs. There’s a lot I want to achieve with writing and recording with my bands and I’d also like to get out to watch more gigs. I have sacrificed a lot over the years and I’d like to alter my priorities a bit. Emma will still be doing it without a doubt and I might jump in for the odd half hour when she needs it. I’d like to thank all the people who have given me a platform to DJ over the years and of course everyone who has helped and supported me.

So, three fairly different events. I hope to see a few folks at each. They’ll be the last ones I do for a little while.

Somebody Else’s Problem – a review by Stephen Malley

8 o’clock and the venue was starting to fill up. The sound check took time but by half past we were on our way with Sheffield’s EVERY BLACK DAY. The trio opened with a slow melodic number. Folk and goth influence was apparent but they were certainly crafting a sound of their own with moody violin, heavy bass that you could feel as well as hear and a vocal style to match. As the set progressed the tempo increased, feet were tapping, people were starting to move and balloon football had kicked off. The set closed with a folkieboogie that lifted the spirit all the way to the back. Every Black Day were great openers that let the 1in12 nicely set up for a great and lively evening.

Next up were Bradford Goths DAWN OF ELYSIUM. The slow instrumental into soon kicked in to a wave of dark melody. A band with a growing reputation were now adding to that with a lot of new faces. Alec’s growling vocals, Emma’s flange bass and Charles’ 80’s synth sound carried across a solid set of six gothic tracks ending with a Quo number. Say What? Pictures of Matchstick Men was very well executed and concluded an excellent set. Balloon football continued throughout.

Leeds Industrial Punks ACTION DIRECTE kicked off with 60 Million Guns. High tempo, heavy guitar, pumping bass, emotional heavy impacting vocals backed up by a drum machine. Frontman Joel took up many an opportunity to leave the stage to join the crowd at the front for a balloon kick about whilst still maintaining his passionate lyrics. The set concluded with the anthemic “We can rebuild us”. Energetic throughout and moments of intensity drove the act through a red riot of thirty minute brilliance.

Last up were ANTI-SYSTEM, West Yorkshire punk rock. The pack a punch energy of this band reached out from the start with Dean’s vocals of angst over a twin guitar attack. The first few rows of the now packed venue were not an ideal place for someone holding a couple of pints of Sam Smiths or not for balloon football. (the balloons were now part of history). Every song gracefully smashed out to a wave of punters who were fully engaged with what was (and should be) a punk gig (or any other gig for that matter). Pure energy throughout and another perfect band for the 1in12.

£225 was raised that evening for PAFRAS. I’m sure the awareness of the cause was realised by all that attended that evening, the punters, the organisers, the musicians, as much of the importance of the money raised. All good fun and a sterling effort coming from a small club in Bradford.

Love and Peace,

Stephen Malley.

Somebody Else’s Problem – benefit gig for PAFRAS at the 1in12 Club (20/02/16)

Last September, my friend Ian Austin was working at the 1in12 club in Bradford and was looking to kick off some more live events as he said the calendar had been a bit sparse for a while. I went in and had a chat with him. He started talking about booking Dawn of Elysium to play and after some more conversation, I said I would put an event together. It had been a while since I had done anything of this nature and although I’m not into the idea of doing it much, it felt right from the moment we started talking.

With the gig being at the 1in12, I thought it would be appropriate to make it a benefit gig. I love the idea of using music to do something positive and have done various charity events over the years. Of all the venues in the area, the 1in12 is the best place to do this as there is a certain honesty about the place. It’s a not-for-profit organisation and so it could be assured that the event wasn’t going to be used purely as a vehicle for elevating bar takings, a situation which has sadly been transparently evident in recent times as many venue proprietors have exploited the intrinsically good nature of bands for their own ends in this manner.

The media has been awash with images of refugees being literally bombed out of their own homes in recent times and whilst this is not a new phenomenon, it has certainly been brought to the fore recently with the escalated wars in the Middle East. This increased media exposure and awareness certainly gave me food for thought. I can’t begin to imagine what these people have gone through, fleeing thousands of miles, endangering their own lives only to arrive at their destination with nothing but the clothes they stand in, to be at best ignored and at worst victimised by the average person in the street. I felt I needed to try and help in some way. I have played and attended a few benefit gigs in Leeds organised by Goth City Promotions for an organisation called PAFRAS who specialise in doing just that and so they seemed like a great choice of charity to get behind. I chose the name “Somebody Else’s Problem” after the continued ill-informed rhetoric which often does the rounds on social media, declaring that “we should look after our own” and “why aren’t neighbouring countries doing anything”. I am not particularly a political person, much less an activist but I do believe that we all have a responsibility to look after our fellow man and woman, no matter where they are from.

After playing around with the idea of an all-dayer, I decided on a 4 band bill in the end. I immediately had 3 of them in mind. After watching Action Directe play a blinder of a gig for their 15 year anniversary last April, I thought they would sit really well on a bill with Bradford anarcho-punk band Anti-System. I promptly asked both bands and they were up for it with Dawn of Elysium as second support. After putting the word out about the gig, Sheffield alt-goth band Every Black Day contacted me immediately and enthused about being added to the bill, which they promptly were.

The gig takes place tomorrow night with the first band onstage at 8pm and entry is £5.

Facebook event page

Carpe Noctum: (03/10/15) Rhombus + Dead Eyes Opened + Dawn of Elysium @ The Library, Leeds

Dawn of Elysium

This 3rd October, we are extremely pleased to be returning to West Yorkshire’s premier goth and dark alternative club night Carpe Noctum. We’re very happy to be sharing a bill with Rhombus and Dead Eyes Opened.

We are fans of both bands and were fortunate enough to perform with them last September at the first Library, Leeds based Carpe Noctum. At this show, Rhombus were on as the stripped down acoustic-esque outfit, Grassby and Walker but this time, they’ll be performing with their full line-up.

This show is scheduled to be our album launch night so we are aiming to have CD’s and Merch available for the first time (more news on this later).

Carpe Noctum is always an early start for the bands and since we’re on first, we’ll likely be onstage at around 7.30pm. Admission is £5 on the door all night.

It will be our first gig…

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Intonation – new monthly rock / alternative pre-club night

As I alluded to earlier in the year, my sporadic DJ nights at The Black Swan are going to turn into a regular monthly event and as such, I have rebranded it.

Intonation will run on the last Saturday of each month. The night will start at 8pm and so will be a perfect way to start your night before the various other club nights in the area warm up including “Trap Door” and “Trash”.

I will be bringing you the usual variety of all things rock and alternative from across the years and as always, I welcome requests. If I have it, I’ll play it and if I don’t, I shall endeavour to get it for next time.

The first one is on Saturday 30th May and will run monthly from then onwards. As always, entry is free.

Hope to see some of you there! 🙂

Facebook Event

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Alec’s Magic Discotheque @ The Black Swan (31/01/15)

I’m doing a DJ night at The Black Swan in Bradford next Saturday night (31/01/15). As usual, all things rock/alt/punk/goth/indie/metal are on the menu and more besides. If I’ve got it, I’ll play it.

I’ll be kicking it off around 8 o’clock and going until close. As always, entry to the pub is free. If you’re about, then feel free to swing by and make a request or two. If I have it, I’ll play it.

There is even a Facebook Event page and everything.

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Cyanide @ Leeds University (16/02/15) with Bad Pollyanna + Hands of Industry

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50th Birthday Bash all-dayer @ The 1in12 Club, Bradford (04/10/14)

Dawn of Elysium

We have been invited by Steve Blackman to play at a 50th birthday bash at the 1in12 Club, Bradford on 4th October. The birthday bash is for Paul Hoggarth and Caroline Morgan and whilst we don’t know them, we are more than happy to help them celebrate. It’s Dawn of Elysium’s first time at the 1in12 and we’re looking forward to playing.

This is an all-day event and we are delighted to find out that TV Smith (The Adverts) is on the same bill. We are fans of TV Smith and I can certainly say he has been an inspiration to me musically. It is quite an honour to be sharing the same bill. We are on early doors for this, down to play at 1.25pm. There are a lot of bands to get through and Steve runs a tight ship, so it is unlikely to run late. Tickets are…

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Trap Door @ The Mill, Bradford (27/09/14) with Sweet Exile

Dawn of Elysium

Next up is an appearance at Bradford’s newest flagship rock night. Trap Door has started running at The Mill on the last Saturday of every month and commenced in August. We have heard excellent reports from the first one and we are delighted to have been invited to play at this one, which will be the second. We’re playing with Bradford rockers Sweet Exile. Entry will be £5 on the door (£4 NUS) and there is a club night until late.

If you are coming to watch us, we’re on at around 10pm. On entry, please tell the person on the door that you are coming to watch Dawn of Elysium due to the way their band payment system works.

Hope to see you all there on the 27th to support this promising new night.

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Magic Discotheque @ The Black Swan (16/08/14)


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Carpe Noctum: (06/09/14) Dead Eyes Opened + Grassby & Walker + Dawn of Elysium

Dawn of Elysium

We are extremely pleased to announce that our next gig will be playing the opening slot for the newly relaunched Carpe Noctum club night. Carpe Noctum is a goth/dark alternative live and club night which has been in existence in one form or another for 10 years. Up until recently, this has been a Bradford based event. However, Carpe is taking up a monthly residency at The Library in Leeds to follow on from the recently closed Flock club night.

The first one is on 6th September and also on the bill are Dead Eyes Opened and Rhombus’ Grassby & Walker. This will be our Carpe Noctum debut and we are very much looking forward to kicking off an exciting new era for the club.

Bands will be on stage from 7.30pm and we’re opening up. Admission is £5 and after the bands, the club night runs until 2am.


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Threadfest: 23rd – 25th May 2014 – Voltage Studios stage (24/05)


This spring bank holiday sees the return of Threadfest, a cross-city annual festival of independent music. 2014 will be the third one and this time I am happy to say that both of my bands will be participating.

There are a number of venues involved such as Bradford Playhouse, The Black Swan, Delius Arts Centre, Glyde House, Al’s Dime Bar, The Sparrow, 1 in 12 Club and Tavern In The Town.

Our slots will be at Tavern In The Town on Saturday 24th May starting at 8pm. This is billed as the Voltage Studios stage and will consist of (in order of appearance):

Dawn of Elysium
Suicide By Cop
Idiot Box

Entry will be free all night and there is the Underworld club night on afterwards until late.

Facebook Event Page

For more information on the full weekend’s proceedings, visit the Threadfest Official Website.

Under The Gun

In May, Emma and I started a new bi-monthly night at The Black Swan in Bradford, named “Under The Gun”. You may have noticed various events in the “Upcoming Activities” bar on the right hand side of the screen on this site. Our intention was to set up a goth/dark alternative live night, aimed at the more up and coming bands on the scene.

The idea was born from enquiring about gigs for our own band and the discovery that there are fairly lengthy waiting lists for support slots at the more established local goth nights. We got the impression there were a lot of bands chasing not many gigs and from speaking with the promoters, they were having trouble in managing to give everyone a slot. Therefore we concluded that there was certainly room for another local platform for live goth and to begin with, once every two months seemed about right. Of course it seemed a natural choice to have Dawn of Elysium on at least one of the nights (which actually turned into two) but by no means do we wish to turn it into a platform for our own band only. Our intention is to complement other local events and not clash and the idea has even been endorsed and advised on by key experienced promoters on the scene.

We did the first one in May with The Marching Men and Dawn of Elysium and despite many gig clashes in the north of England that night, the evening held its own. Planning a night like this without clashing with other, bigger events can be fairly tricky and it seems like the date we chose in May was picked by others for the same reasons.

The general format of the night is two or three live bands and a DJ till late but with more of an emphasis on the live music aspect. Entry is always free.

We have a Facebook page if you wish to “Like” it and if you are in a band that wants to play, then please feel free to get in touch. As we approach autumn, we’ll be putting together early 2014 shows.

Dates for 2013 are:

11/05/13 – The Marching Men + Dawn of Elysium
13/07/13 – Arcane Winter + Renoized
28/09/13 – Lupine + Dawn of Elysium
25/10/13 – Fancy dress horror special! with Pink Hearse + Quasimodo


Honeypot ROCK all-dayer @ The New Beehive, 30th March 2013


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Rock 4 Heroes

My next event is something I have put together for the guys at The Commercial Inn on James St. Bradford. The charity (clue from the title) is Help For Heroes, which was chosen by Brenda and Graeme, the couple who are now managing the pub. Everyone is welcome and it would be great to see folks along to support this newly refurbished pub and raise a few quid for a good cause!


Many thanks to Dave Naylor for the splendid artwork.

Right Up The Bracket summer fest poster


A huge thank you to Dave Naylor for this great poster!

Right Up The Bracket – all day charity event Saturday 30th July, 2011 @ The Polish Parish Club

It has been some time since I last put a gig on anywhere. This one kind of evolved from a bit of a conversation into an all day charity event. The original premise of the gig was to welcome Old School Enemy back to the stage after a very difficult 6 months, coming to terms with drummer Michael Ayres’ tragic passing and subsequently carrying on the band in his honour with new drummer Luke Thomas. In reality since we started planning this, OSE have booked another couple of prior gigs, since they were ready to play a bit earlier than they expected and they had the opportunity to climb back on the horse sooner plus I think they wanted to do a couple of live performances before taking part in an all day event.

Frontman of the band, Michael’s brother (and also one of my best friends), Dave Ayres and I started discussing it and what we wanted from the gig. My own band was well up for playing anyway, as were a couple of other close friends’ bands. I wanted to plan something at the Polish Club in particular; since they have recently started hosting live gigs again after a lengthy break and both bands have an affinity with the club with several of us being members. From talks of a couple of bands, the conversation turned into an all dayer and it was decided that we could do it for charity.

As far as the charity side of things was concerned, I thought it would be appropriate to include something along the lines of mental health awareness, since Michael had suffered from depression himself before sadly taking his own life and if by doing this, we can prevent others from taking that path then surely it can only be a good thing?

Ironically, I had no awareness of any local mental health awareness programmes myself (maybe a case in point?) and so I got in touch with a friend of mine Neil Terry who has experience working in this field. After some digging, he suggested that CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) be a perfect choice, since they deal in particular with this issue. They are situated in East Lancashire and Merseyside but they do take calls from anybody within the UK, regardless of age and location. They are by no means the only organisation which deals with helping people with mental health problems and indeed there are some more local to Bradford. However, CALM specialises in dealing with suicide amongst young men.

I have a number of friends who, to varying degrees, have suffered from some form of depression and in extreme cases considered taking their own lives. Some of them try and do what they consider to be the “manly” thing and bottle it up, sometimes self medicating through alcohol and drugs instead of talking to someone. Indeed since we have started this project, this cause seems to have struck a chord with quite a few of my friends. If we can encourage even one person to talk about their problems and find a better path, then it is worth all the time and effort in the world. I would give absolutely anything to have Mic back with us.

The name “Right Up The Bracket” came from a phrase that my wife used one time, which Mic was particularly fond of. He was having a particularly hard time and she sent him a message saying that if people weren’t treating him right then she would be round to “give them a punch right up the bracket”. Just prior to the memorial gig, a compilation CD was put together including loads of Bradford bands, the proceeds of which went straight to his family. This was also affectionately called “Right Up The Bracket”. It seemed fitting then to continue with this title.

And so to the event itself. Obviously Old School Enemy were always going to be on the bill as well as Suicide by Cop. We would have liked our good buddies Iron Rat to play too, since all three bands have shared a stage a number of times but they were unavailable. However, frontman Stephen Haran will be there playing an acoustic set for us. When Idols Fall are also on the bill since they played at Michael’s memorial gig in January. That gig was supposed to include Old School Enemy and was actually drummer Wan’s 40th birthday and so it seemed fitting that they play on what would be OSE’s return to the stage. Nottingham’s Skullfunk were also added to the bill as they were due to play with OSE the week after Michael passed away. Add to the mix local legends Idiot Box and newcomers The Guilt Charm and you have a pretty cool line-up. Entry will be free but all donations will be very gratefully received and your contribution could quite literally save someone’s life.

At the time of writing, there are still a couple of slots available, so if you are interested in playing, then please feel free to get in touch.

Acts so far:

Idiot Box

The Guilt Charm

Old School Enemy


Stephen Haran

Suicide By Cop

When Idols Fall

+ DJ Paul Goodison will be playing a mix of rock, punk and alternative music throughout the day and night

This is not necessarily the order of appearance, times will be confirmed soon.

Doors will be at about 3 o’clock and it should be a nice chilled out day.

Please feel free to forward links to this message / retweet / repost / reply etc. Really the more awareness we can raise, the better.

Punx 4 Heroes – a review

It all started a few months ago. Mick and I were talking about hosting another charity all-dayer at The Zuu bar. We had not done one in a long while and we love having a bunch of bands on and raising money for worthy causes.

Mick chose “Help for Heroes” as the cause, being an ex-serviceman who has been directly affected by war, its psychological impacts and the lack of funding to help soldiers and their families.

I have to admit, at first it was not my first choice of charity. I have never been one for the military and I am pretty much anti-war in my beliefs. However, I quickly realised that H4H is not about politics. It is very much about people. You can say till you are blue in the face that “the government should be looking after soldiers who have been affected” but the fact remains that they are not and so isn’t it a nice thing to do to help out in any way you can? Anyway, we received mixed opinions about it but thankfully a lot of support.

I decided to make it a punk thing and call it “Punx 4 Heroes”. That was my personal choice as I love live punk and know a few who punks who happen to be big advocates of Help for Heroes. The bill was very quickly filled for this first one with as many bands who did not get to play. I stuck with 7 bands which seems to be about the right number for everybody to get through the day comfortably. It was a good mix of local and out of town bands. Shatterhand came all the way from Dundee as they kicked off their latest tour, Keyside Strike and The Zombie Head Hunters made the trip from the north east and Threshold Shift, Suicide By Cop, The Drastics and Hospital Food were all locals.

I arrived at around 1.30pm to an empty venue with just Scouse our sound engineer, who had been doing some maintenance on his gear. He had already engineered 7 bands that weekend, so needed to make some repairs to mic leads etc. The backline and drums were supposed to be arriving at around 2pm with the first band (which happened to be Suicide By Cop) on at 3pm. So, after half an hour of me flapping, all of the gear arrived at about the same time and we proceeded to get it all set up and sound checked. Although we were almost ready to play at around 3pm, we decided to leave it until 3.15 just to let people have chance to arrive. It was worth doing because just 10 minutes later, the venue started to fill up. I was very pleased and surprised that so many would manage to make the effort for the first part of the day. Mark arrived and set up shop in the kitchen, preparing an array of hot food (which was very much appreciated a few hours later!).

Suicide By Cop took to the stage at 3.15 and we set about playing our set. For some reason, I was pretty nervous which is unusual after some years gigging experience but we cracked on and played through our set as rehearsed. Overall, I think we played pretty well. Kaz had some breathing difficulties part way through but these thankfully subsided towards the end and there were a small number of minor bum notes and beat misses, which is normal. Opening up an all dayer can be a bit of a chore as it is early and people have generally not got into the swing of the day. However, since Mick and I needed to oversee the event for the rest of the day it made sense to us to go on first. We got a good response anyway, even though people were still coming round from the rest of their weekend a bit. We all enjoyed playing, especially our new song which we did second to last.

Next up were The Zombie Head Hunters from Durham. I have booked these guys a number of times before at the Mannville and then The Black Swan, often as support to someone else. I had forgotten that they had actually played The Zuu before until they mentioned it. Anyway, they let out a rip-roaring performance. Alice is an excellent frontlady with a powerful set of lungs on her and the entire band was really animated on stage. There were some technical issues with the lead microphone but these were dealt with swiftly and managed not to impair the performance too much. Scouse had done a grand job with the front of house sound and everything was well balanced. I love watching this band and I am always glad of the opportunity to get them playing. It was also nice to chat with them all afterwards.

After a half hour or so break, Hospital Food took to the stage. Kev Grainger plays drums for this band. Kev and I used to be in Wild Trash together with him singing but I had not seen him drum for a band for about 13 years when he played with The Motorvators. This was my first time watching Hospital Food and I thoroughly enjoyed them. It was the singer’s first gig with the band and he had only been with them for a month or so. It didn’t show as he blasted his way through the set. The guitar had a piercing top end sound which really cut through and really suited the music, despite not having a great deal of distortion. Hospital Food are a bit heavier than many of Kev’s old bands and they have a style which is tending slightly towards the hardcore but is just melodic enough to have rousing choruses. Huge thanks to Kev who kindly let all of the bands use his kit, despite it being a bit old, worn and delicate in parts. Their set was slightly shorter than their allocated time and they actually left the stage slightly early, making up our lost time from earlier.

This was then added to when Keyside Strike took to the stage 10 minutes before their originally planned time, bringing the whole event around 15 minutes in front of schedule. Stoney and his band’s no-nonsense approach saw them arrive in good time, set up in no time at all and crack on with their set. Now this is what made the day that bit more special. Stoney informed me about a week prior to the gig that the bassist and drummer could not make the date but rather than cancel, he recruited a couple of members from a band called Gimp Fist and threw a couple of rehearsals together. To the audience on the day, this was not noticeable at all and when I told Mick he was amazed and immediately enquired about booking Gimp Fist. They played an expertly delivered set, sounding like they had been together for years. A massive thank you to Stoney and co. for going that extra mile, I would have perfectly understood if you needed to cancel. This was UK Hardcore at its best and we are very much looking forward to seeing more of Keyside Strike in the future.

Local stalwarts The Drastics took to the stage after a lengthy mid event break (I always like to give people chance to give their ears a rest and grab something to eat before the evening bands). Despite Jennie, the bassist being under the weather, they played what was probably the best I have seen them play yet. I have booked this band many times, often putting them on an early slot in the past but this time they were placed further up the bill. They sounded great and Dean has well and truly settled in as singer. They sound like more of a unit than they have ever done and really look together on stage. Tony’s guitar playing has come on leaps and bounds in the last year or so and he no longer looks nervous each time he gets on stage. Overall, there were many comments from people I spoke with about how much they have improved. A very strong performance.

Next up were Shatterhand all the way from Dundee. They kindly offered to play for us as part of their tour and I have to say, what a great bunch of guys. They are not only a fantastic band but are really nice lads to talk to. They even offered the profits from their merch up as donations to Help For Heroes, which considering they had travelled the furthest was very kind indeed. Many thanks to Tom Marshall for liaising with the band as well as putting them up for the night. Tom also took lots of photographs throughout the day, which I am sure will turn up on the web sometime soon (if they haven’t already). Shatterhand played a brilliant set of high energy melodic punk and the lead singer was dancing about all over the place. Once again, a brilliant band and once again we are already talking about rebooking them.

Last up were Threshold Shift. I had been waiting all day to see them play. For those of you who don’t know them, Threshold Shift are probably the longest running and best punk band to hail from Bradford. They play a perfect blend of pop-punk, ska and cite a whole bunch of other influences. Highlight of the set for me is my current favourite Shift track “Ward 54”, which has been stuck in my head since I saw them play recently at Rio’s. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole set and although the crowd had depleted by that point, they managed to get the most people dancing. A huge, huge thank you guys for bringing the backline down and being patient enough to go on last. Thankfully, we weren’t running too far behind time and the gig was wrapped up in good time for people to get their busses or have one last school night drink.

Personally, I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Every single band was great, the atmosphere was good and we managed to raise a few bob in the process. For those who took the political stance and criticised what we were doing – well, sucks to be you, you missed out on a great day which was about good music and good people doing good things, no more no less. We are definitely going to be doing it again next year!

Thanks to all of the bands, in particular Threshold Shift for the backline, Kev for bringing the drums and Stoney for going the extra mile and getting replacement members at a moments notice. Thanks to Tom Marshall for doing the photography and sorting out Shatterhand. Thanks to Mark for the food and raffle. Thanks to all the staff at The Zuu bar. But most of all thanks to the people who turned up and supported the day.

Punx 4 Heroes

On Sunday 21st November, at the Zuu bar we are hosting an all day charity event. The day will consist of 7 quality punk bands, with DJs in between and after. Entry fee will be a voluntary £2 and all proceeds shall go to Help For Heroes. Door open at 2.30pm with first band on at 3pm and the line up is:

Keyside Strike
Threshold Shift
The Drastics
Hospital Food
The Zombie Headhunters
Suicide By Cop

So, if you are into punk and support Help For Heroes, then please come along and give generously. We have a cracking line-up for you and it should be a top day!

Useful Links

Punx 4 Heroes Facebook Page
Punx 4 Heroes Facebook Event Page
Punx 4 Heroes Twitter
Help For Heroes Website
Zuu Bar Website

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Stanfest II – line-up fully confirmed!