Stuff and nonsense

Nothing much to report. It has been another variable early summer Monday morning, the weather has been a bit grim over the last couple of days. I hope it brightens up for the weekend.

I had a productive day yesterday and sorted a few things out at home. Still quite a few things to do but I already feel better about addressing some of the backlog anyway. My TV has annoyingly failed for the second time since I bought it at Christmas with the same fault. The guy from PC World is coming round to sort it on Friday. I hope it is a direct swap. All 3 HDMI ports died one by one in the space of just over a week. All I had plugged into them was my PC. Consequently, we can’t watch our recorded programmes until the weekend. Last night, we resorted to switching the Sky box on! I am looking forward to ditching the subscription to be honest and getting hold of a decent FreeSat machine.

It would seem that quite a few people feel quite passionately about the (mis)management of The Exchange Alehouse in Bradford. So much so, that a Facebook group has been set up in protest. There are 65 members in less than a week at the time of writing, which is pretty significant. Whether anything happens off the back of it remains to be seen but it has been made clear that the person in question is not very popular and has significantly reduced the customer base in the place due to bad attitude and bad management. In my opinion, it would be unwise at best for the leaseholder not to at least monitor the situation.

*** end transmission ***

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