The next chapter in the rest of my life

So, here we are in 2012 then. I have not written much of a blog for a while as there has been so much going on in my personal life, the particulars of which would not be fair of me to repeat on here for various reasons.

The last three or four months have brought many changes and I found myself beginning a very new chapter in my life; new home, new relationship and new responsibilities, both personally and professionally.

Now the dust has settled and the chaos seems to have subsided, I have started to reacquaint myself with myself. As many who know me will testify, my life has always been very much music orientated be it playing, DJing, promoting, watching or listening and up until the latter half of 2011, I seemed to have had forgotten that to an extent. Sure, to the outside observer I was doing those things but somehow I felt unfulfilled and had somehow lost a large part of myself. Moving into a situation where I am living alone, whilst a struggle at first has really helped me to find that again and having someone special in my life with whom I can properly share this, I can honestly say, has made me feel happier and more alive than I have ever been.

I have thrown myself into my music to a greater extent, continuing with Suicide By Cop almost into our fourth year, reforming Wild Trash for a short period and a gig or two, forming a brand new gothic rock band called The Wraith which is set to commence next week and planning a studio based project in the background called The Last Cut with my old mate and bass player / electro-programmer extraordinaire Ian Bell.

I am slowly creeping back into booking gigs again for my local and regular watering hole, The Black Swan and also for The Commercial Inn on James Street. I have got a 7-band event coming up on the 28th of this month at Bradford Rio’s (Right Up The Bracket II) and plan to keep my hand in up at The Polish Club as well. In addition to this, I have started doing some semi regular DJing nights at The Black Swan and have done bits at The Polish Club and The Commercial.

I have been revisiting my old vinyl collection too, which was criminally underplayed for many years. I have been playing my acoustic guitar which was sat gathering dust and I intend to bring my synth home and start tinkering with that again. I am just generally reigniting that spark which had somehow faded over the course of more years than I feel comfortable admitting to myself even.


Despite all my best intentions, the Open University module which I enrolled on fell by the wayside amongst the chaos of this transitional period but thinking about it pragmatically, I don’t need the qualification and I have all of the course material which I can pick up at a later date and work through in my own time. Trying to cope with everything whilst sticking to the study schedule was causing me undue stress and so I came to the (expensive) decision to withdraw from the course.

Family and friends have played a massive part in this transition and have helped me so much it moves me to tears at times. I consider myself very fortunate that I have such a bunch of loyal and loving people in my life and they really have stuck by me through thick and thin. My employers and workmates have also been incredibly understanding, offering whatever support they could.

Of course this period has not been without its casualties and my finances have taken a severe hammering, especially with Christmas happening. Fortunately, it has not been to an extent where I can’t recover from it, provided I start to exercise a bit of discipline. OK so discipline is not one of my strong points but I can but try.

Anyroad, a belated happy new year to you all and may you all find the happiness you deserve!

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