This coming week in Bradford

Now and again you get one of those weeks where there is a succession of really cool events and this coming week (21st-27th October) has turned out to be one of those. Of course there are many other gigs happening across the city, as there always are but this is kind of my plan for this coming pre-Halloween weekend.

Skeletal Family

Skeletal Family + Dawn of Elysium, Vampire (24/10/13)

It all kicks off at 8pm on Thursday night. I am playing with Dawn of Elysium as support to local goth legends Skeletal Family. I am really looking forward to this gig for many reasons but I am also nervous from two different directions since it is taking place at Vampire. It’s the first time we have played at the venue (not really that surprising considering it has only been open for 5 weeks or so) and it is exciting to get to play with such an established band.

Under The Gun, The Black Swan (25/10/13) with Pink Hearse + Quasimodo

Under The Gun, The Black Swan (25/10/13) with Pink Hearse + Quasimodo

Friday has two great events on offer, starting with the latest Under The Gun. Emma has taken the reins more on these nights now that I am majorly ensconced in Vampire. This month has horror punk rockers Pink Hearse playing alongside Leeds goth rockers Quasimodo, which also happens to be one of the bands which Emma plays with. This is a really strong line-up and I am looking forward to seeing Quasimodo play in Bradford. I have seen them in many venues over the last year or so and have been to most of their gigs. They are going from strength to strength and if you get the opportunity, get down and watch them. It’s a free gig and it nicely continues this kind of goth quadrilogy.

Dark Assimilation, Vampire (25/10/13)

Dark Assimilation, Vampire (25/10/13)

Following on nicely from Under The Gun comes October’s Dark Assimilation at Vampire. This is a fledgling club night which started last September and takes on a very much more Industrial tone, although the guys are very versatile and have a very varied collection. It’s also free entry and is open until 3am.

Voltage Studios 25th Anniversary part 2, Gasworks (26/10/13)

Voltage Studios 25th Anniversary part 2, Gasworks (26/10/13)

Completing this little sequence of Bradford goth orientated events is a rare performance from seminal 80’s gothic rockers Harlequyn. This is part of the Voltage Studios 25th Anniversary celebrations. Most of my musical activities over the years have been based at/centred around Voltage and Tim Walker is a good friend of mine. I saw Harlequyn play on the same stage at the beginning of last year when I put on the Up The Bracket event at Bradford Rio’s and they put on a stunning performance. I am really looking forward to watching them again. Joining them are Voltage stalwarts Yo El Ray, Lizard Tongue and Ironrat. I am a bit saddened that I missed the boat for playing at either of the Voltage anniversary gigs this year but this is a strong line-up and will make for a great gig.

Griff's Magic Theatre, Vampire (26/10/13)

Griff’s Magic Theatre, Vampire (26/10/13)

After the gig it’s back to Vampire again to finish the weekend with Griff’s Magic Theatre. It’s his first one at Vampire and it will be great to see him play in a nightclub environment. For the uninitiated, Griff’s Magic Theatre is Bradford’s original 60’s psychedelic night. Griff has been doing this since the 60’s and still plays every single song from original vinyl 45’s. Another cool club night with free entry.

So, loads to do this weekend. I hope every event is well attended and if you can make it along to any or all of them, see you at the front!

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