Zeitgeist – the album

Suicide By Cop

Tonight marks the final day of Suicide By Cop as an entity. We have been going since January 2009 and we recently decided after all the changes we’ve been experiencing in especially the last two years, it was time to end the project. The band as a unit will continue in the new year with a brand new name, retaining only the latest material. Both lyrically and musically, we’ve experienced a paradigm shift and what we’re doing now bears little relevance or resemblance to what we started all that time ago. To mark this milestone, we will be playing our final gig tonight at The Northern, Halifax Road, Bradford along with The Dead Beats and we will also be selling copies of our CD. Entitled “Zeitgeist”, it comprises all of the material we recorded throughout the lifetime of the band, consisting of the three EPs and some previously unreleased material…

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