2015 off to a great start

Just after halfway through January and already some small yet significant progress has been made.

Under the guidance of good friend Martin Hawthorn, the Dawn of Elysium album has commenced pre-production and improvements have been made across the board. Still lots to do but it is a nice feeling to have made a start.

The as yet un-re-named post-Suicide By Cop project has commenced in earnest and I am delighted to have my oldest musical companion and best friend Paul Gooding joining us on guitar as we took the decision to expand our numbers. Paul and I started playing guitar together in the late 80’s when we were young teenagers and it is a partnership which has continued on and off over the last 26 years. I am really happy to be rekindling it. Rehearsals as a 5-piece are set to commence this coming week. We are hoping to hit the studio pretty soon and have our first EP out in the first half of the year. I think the line-up change will be refreshing and will help make it feel like a new band. Now, we just need a name …

I have been spending some time tweaking and amending a lot of the text on this website, both in the bands section and the DJ/Events page. Feel free to have a peruse and if you have any comments or anything you would like to add/amend then please get in touch.

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