Springing into Spring

With March well underway, we are beginning to see the bad weather subside ever so slightly and Spring is trying to break through.

February for me was a bit of a damp squib in some respects. On the positive side, Echofire (the new post-Suicide By Cop project) set off to a good start. It has been great working with Paul Gooding again and the band really feels like something new. We’re plugging away in the background.

Dawn of Elysium began the month with recording sessions for the album. However, we broke off for a gig at Leeds University for a new night called “Cyanide”. The gig itself wasn’t our greatest performance. For a start it was on a Monday night, which wasn’t ideal although it surprised me how many people attended. We were on with Bad Pollyanna who we’ve played with before and new (certainly to us) band Hands of Industry who I thought were fantastic. The soundman did a great job of sorting our sound out in what amounted to not much more than a line check due to limited time. It’s always a bum deal soundwise being the middle band on a 3 band bill and the team were very professional in getting us sorted as quickly as possible.

During the proceedings, I trapped a nerve in my neck. It happened just after our first song and put me off during the rest of the set, starting as a tension headache then creeping into the neck a day or so later. It took me out of action for a fair bit of February and the pain has only just subsided in the last week or so.

Anyway, as March arrived, we got back on track with the DOE recording and it’s making slow but steady progress. We’re breaking off for a gig on the 28th at the Black Swan with Hands of Industry but aside from that there is nothing in the calender until November. Nominally, we’d like to keep it that way until the album is finished but we’re always up for the right live opportunities in the meantime.

April is looking good with recording sessions for Echofire scheduled. We’re putting together a 5 track EP. I am particularly looking forward to this, as my involvement in any recorded output has been dry for far too long and it also provides the band with the relaunch it has so desperately needed.

We’re getting closer to April’s Whitby Goth Weekend which we bought our tickets for some time ago. I really enjoyed it last year, which was the first time I had attended. I’m looking forward to it, if nothing else than to get away for a few days. We’re doing Scarborough on the Friday night (a place I always love going back to), then Whitby on the Saturday and Sunday.

In June I have a major milestone birthday coming up, which my girlfriend and daughter have both been ribbing me about. :/ There is a “surprise” party planned, which despite my knowledge of date and venue I have no idea about what is being been planned. I’m sure I’ll thoroughly enjoy it.

Vienna plans are at the “pencilled in” stage with nothing booked as yet. We’re hoping for a week in mid to late summer.

One thing I am particularly excited about was getting tickets to see David Gilmour at the Royal Albert Hall in September. Pink Floyd have been one of my favourite bands for many years and David in particular has been a big inspiration to me. That is in September and we’ll be making a weekend of it down in London. I haven’t been to the big smoke many times in my life and only really went as a tourist once in 1996. I can already feel my Yorkshire gland twitching at the price of a pint. Perhaps if we know anyone London-side, they might furnish us with tips on where is good?

Now if this Spring weather could just try a little harder …..

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