2016 – home stretch

As we enter the final couple of months of the year, I look forward to the last three events I’m involved in for 2016. It’s a mixture of firsts and last.

On 26th November, Dawn of Elysium is playing its final gig of the year. It’s as part of Goth City Festival. We’re on at the main event at Wharf Chambers, Leeds and will be onstage at around 7.30. It will be our 13th gig of the year and our last one in the calendar as it stands. We’re taking some time out certainly in the early part of 2017 to write and record some brand new material following our debut album release in October of this year.

On 10th December, my new rock band Man Down plays its debut gig at the Black Swan in Bradford. We started at the back end of May of this year and have been spending time putting our first batch of songs together. We are all looking forward to making our first noises to the world. To coincide with this, we’re releasing our charity Christmas single. More details of this can be read here. There are further writing and recording plans to commence in the new year.

On New Year’s Eve, I am spinning the tunes at the Black Swan as I do my final DJ gig of the year. I have decided that it will probably be my last one. 2016 has been my twentieth full year of being a pub rock DJ. I’ve had a lot of interesting and fun times. Everything from verbal and physical abuse to people having the time of their lives. I’ve done wedding receptions, reunions, birthdays, punk nights, metal nights, prog rock nights. I have DJ’d using vinyl, CD and even cassette as well as the now ubiquitous laptop. The gigs have been more sparse of late, due in the main part to my band gig commitments. I have found myself enjoying it less so these days and I’d rather leave it to the many talented folks out there who have more of a passion for it. I will still be doing the odd favour for friends at private functions but I’m not going to be seeking any more pub/club gigs. There’s a lot I want to achieve with writing and recording with my bands and I’d also like to get out to watch more gigs. I have sacrificed a lot over the years and I’d like to alter my priorities a bit. Emma will still be doing it without a doubt and I might jump in for the odd half hour when she needs it. I’d like to thank all the people who have given me a platform to DJ over the years and of course everyone who has helped and supported me.

So, three fairly different events. I hope to see a few folks at each. They’ll be the last ones I do for a little while.

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