Dawnraiser 1995: (from left) Paul Gooding, Stuart Lockwood, Alec Marlow, Ian Bell

November 1992 – February 1993
Following on from our initial efforts and my brief stint with a band called The Edge, throughout 1992, Paul Gooding and I continued  our attempts to assemble our first proper band together. We eventually managed to achieve a full line-up and the first Dawnraiser was born in the November.

Over the next three months, we rehearsed regularly and got together a short set, which consisted of a mix of our own material and covers. However, my involvement with the band was cut short just prior to the first gig in the February of 1993. The rest of the band carried on with school mate Hadrian Smith playing guitar for a while. Then, after a few changes in personnel, they finally called it a day in March 1994.

June 1995 – April 1997
The first incarnation of the band had long split up, so Paul and I reformed it with a new lineup. We quickly got a decent set of original material together and played many gigs around Bradford and West Yorkshire and our first one out of town altogether in London. This new Dawnraiser had a heavier thrash metal type sound but towards the back end became more cover-based. We recorded around a dozen tracks, most of which were released as demo tapes (I to III).

IMG_2113 Dawnraiser 1995: (from left) Paul Gooding, Stuart Lockwood, Ian Bell, Alec Marlow
img011 Dawnraiser 1996: (from left) Paul Gooding, Stuart Lockwood, Alec Marlow, Ian Bell
Dawnraiser 1997: (from left) Ian Bell, Alec Marlow, Stuart Lockwood, Carl Brook, Paul Gooding

I left the band in April 1997 and after a few line-up changes, resulting in there eventually being only 2 members of the band left, Dawnraiser finally bit the dust sometime in 1998.

We reformed for a one-off charity gig in April 2009, marking the band’s first live appearance in 12 years. The line-up for the gig was a mixture of people from earlier and later incarnations of the band. There are no plans to repeat this.

During the 95-97 phase of the band, we intended to compile all of our recorded material onto an album, comprising the first three demo tapes and some unreleased tracks. After many years of periodically thinking about it, the project finally saw the light of day in 2014 and the album “Blow By Blow” was released on Bandcamp.

Band Members:

Mk I

Vocals – Dave Ayres/Sean Hartley
Guitar – Paul Gooding
Guitar – Alec Marlow/Hadrian Smith/Craig Dearing
Bass – Dale Goodridge
Drums – Mik Ayres/Karl Sowden


Vocals – Carl Brook/Phil Kirk
Vocals / Guitar – Alec Marlow
Guitar – Hamish Kemp/Mick Walsh
Guitar – Paul Gooding
Bass Guitar – Dale Goodridge/Ian Bell
Drums – Stuart Lockwood

Final gig 2009 line-up

Vocals – Dave Ayres
Guitar / Vocals – Alec Marlow
Guitar – Paul Gooding
Bass Guitar – Ian Bell
Drums – Steve Ward

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