Under The Gun

In May, Emma and I started a new bi-monthly night at The Black Swan in Bradford, named “Under The Gun”. You may have noticed various events in the “Upcoming Activities” bar on the right hand side of the screen on this site. Our intention was to set up a goth/dark alternative live night, aimed at the more up and coming bands on the scene.

The idea was born from enquiring about gigs for our own band and the discovery that there are fairly lengthy waiting lists for support slots at the more established local goth nights. We got the impression there were a lot of bands chasing not many gigs and from speaking with the promoters, they were having trouble in managing to give everyone a slot. Therefore we concluded that there was certainly room for another local platform for live goth and to begin with, once every two months seemed about right. Of course it seemed a natural choice to have Dawn of Elysium on at least one of the nights (which actually turned into two) but by no means do we wish to turn it into a platform for our own band only. Our intention is to complement other local events and not clash and the idea has even been endorsed and advised on by key experienced promoters on the scene.

We did the first one in May with The Marching Men and Dawn of Elysium and despite many gig clashes in the north of England that night, the evening held its own. Planning a night like this without clashing with other, bigger events can be fairly tricky and it seems like the date we chose in May was picked by others for the same reasons.

The general format of the night is two or three live bands and a DJ till late but with more of an emphasis on the live music aspect. Entry is always free.

We have a Facebook page if you wish to “Like” it and if you are in a band that wants to play, then please feel free to get in touch. As we approach autumn, we’ll be putting together early 2014 shows.

Dates for 2013 are:

11/05/13 – The Marching Men + Dawn of Elysium
13/07/13 – Arcane Winter + Renoized
28/09/13 – Lupine + Dawn of Elysium
25/10/13 – Fancy dress horror special! with Pink Hearse + Quasimodo

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