Vampire’s last bite

Before I start, I must stress that this is not intended as a news article per se, it is merely my personal reflection. The official news article can be viewed on the Vampire web-site .

So, the little adventure we have been on over the past six months has come to an end. Last Saturday night (22nd February) Vampire as we know it closed its doors for the last time. What better way to finish off though than with a cracking set by Griff’s Magic Theatre.

Although I adored the club’s atmosphere and the wide variety of sounds we managed to host, it was fraught with difficulties and in some respects I am glad that many of the causes of those stresses are now over. As anyone involved in running a venue particularly in Bradford will tell you, it’s not easy at the best of times and the business situation behind the scenes became unworkable for reasons which it would not be proper of me to go into but I feel I must stress that the management team and staff did their utmost best to make it work.

Fortunately fate was smiling on us, since the head of a local pub company happened to notice what we were trying to achieve and offered us something which is much better, just at the time we needed it.

Consequently a brand new, as yet unnamed venue is being constructed as we speak. The location will be all too familiar to anyone who has frequented the rock clubs of Bradford over the last 5 years or so but the internals of the place are undergoing a major radical refurbishment. We are all very excited about it and we have tons of plans already. Conceptually, it will be very different from Vampire. There is scope for so much more, since not only will it be a venue/nightclub but also a public house. This means we can offer everything that comes with that such as real ales and ciders, bar snacks, pool table/darts board, jukebox, selected sports TV, acoustic jam sessions and quiz nights amongst other things and seven days a week as well. For us, the idea seems very reminiscent of the Mannville Arms setup from 2007-2009 but with the club/venue side of things included as well. I can’t wait to start promoting the place, we just need the owner to agree on a name that he is happy with and we’re off!

As for Vampire itself, well I guess the Tokyo guys will use the club for something but whether or not they choose to keep it alternative remains to be seen. The name is trademarked so it belongs to them. My gut feeling is that they may use it to host nights which are more in keeping with Tokyos.

Anyway, whatever happens I will have a busy period ahead aligning the previously booked events and DJs with the new place along with taking more bookings.

See ya around! 🙂

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