Spring Break

It has been some time since I last put digit to qwerty and published a blog. The last few months have been a bit hectic really but also frustratingly unproductive in parts. I now realise that this was because I was trying to do too many things.

As I reported in my last entry, Vampire, the club with which I was involved closed in February and we kind of moved the operation across town to a brand new venture called Tavern In The Town. This is located on Barry Street where Bradford Rio’s moved in 2009 and for a brief spell housed the now defunct Gasworks rock club.

The place itself has seen some major refurbishment and has been trading since 14th March, playing host to many bands and club nights and also establishing itself as the latest pub to go to. There is still much work to be done but it has established a good vibe and I have enjoyed many a pint in there already. The team behind it really did bust a gut to get the place up and running in a short space of time. The venue was pretty dilapidated and required a fair bit of remedial work. It had not been left in the best of conditions.

From an entertainments point of view, I had been easing off on the events side of things at Vampire because we didn’t know what was going on for a time. I knew the location of the new place but a name had not been decided upon at that time so any advertising would have been impossible. Anyway, we got the go ahead with the name and opening date so I set about building up the calendar again, along with new website and social media. It was certainly very exciting to be part of a brand new place and I have been loving it, hearing ideas, discussing plans etc.

However, I noticed especially over the course of the last 3 or 4 weeks I was finding not only the club role but everything in my life increasingly difficult. I wasn’t sleeping properly at night, I was getting frustrated at myself for not being able to do a decent job with my bands, not managing to summon up much in the way of creativity or managing to do things which need doing and although I have been doing well in my day job, I felt as though I could be doing better. I was feeling tired most of the time and because of the lack of rest, stressing about the least little things. I felt as though I was letting everybody down, most of all myself. This was not doing my state of mind much good and I have found myself in some rather dark places mentally at times.

Anyway, I realised that something had to give somewhere along the way. I had too much on my plate. So this week, after much soul searching I decided to take a step back from the venue side of things. It wasn’t so bad when we started with Vampire back in September as I was not in full time employment at the time and so had plenty of spare time and energy to give.

I really wish everyone involved with the Tavern all the very best and I will certainly support the place as much as I am able. I am just sorry that I can’t do the job to the extent that it requires. There is the opportunity there to have something fantastic for the city and I am looking forward to seeing its evolution. There are some talented young promoters and bands emerging and this could be the perfect platform for them to forge a bright future, as well as get some more established bands back into Bradford. Get involved, get stuck in!

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