This weekend I have been mostly …

Now and again you get one of those weekends. The kind which takes a few days to process and the kind where you feel as if you need a weekend to get over.

Friday night saw Quasimodo play with Rhombus at Players bar in Wakefield. I must confess I wasn’t really in the right frame of mind as I was driving and pretty tired after the working week. The trip across was worth it for the venue alone. It’s a great setup with a pub downstairs and venue upstairs. The sound was probably one of the best I had heard for Quasimodo and the performance matched accordingly. We had to head off before Rhombus got into the swing of their set due to Saturday morning work commitments. When my bands are ready for gigging, I shall be making enquiries about playing at Players, it is always great to discover a new place.

After the journey home, we decided to stop off at our favourite pizza parlour for some food. Mystic Pizza on Morley Street is an awesome little place. Just one guy on his own lovingly makes each and every pizza freshly in front of you. He’s really friendly and always takes the time to make each and every customer feel welcome.

We had parked on Edmund Street around the corner and I discovered that the Polish Parish Club was no longer there. The familiar gold letters had been removed and a smaller sign saying something about coffee and cake was present. I have to admit, despite being a former member and regular, I had not used the club for quite some time. It had been riddled with various problems for many reasons for a while and it had experienced a significant decline in custom in the last year or two. It was kind of sad to see it closed and I wish the people who had the power to do something about it had been more forward thinking at the time. Oh well, another one to add to the long list of missed opportunities in Bradford.

Saturday night was a belter. Dawn of Elysium played at our regular watering hole The Black Swan. It was the last gig we are doing for a while as we want to focus on recording and writing for a bit. We were playing with Hands of Industry. They are a great bunch of guys and we had a good laugh with them afterwards. They played a brilliant set. The gig was put together by DJ Mark Musolf, who was very friendly from the outset. It was a nice change to be playing a Black Swan gig which we didn’t put together ourselves and Mark did a fantastic job of both organising and DJing afterwards. We’re looking forward to hopefully working with Mark and Hands of Industry again in the future, either separately or together. The gig was exactly what I needed. I had become a little jaded, which happens now and again but it gave me the boost required to kickstart my enthusiasm again.

After the gig, we all piled down to the Mill for Trap Door. Trap Door is a monthly rock night which has been going since last August. It has gone from strength to strength and deservedly so. The team behind it are very passionate about what they do. The music is a great mix over two floors and the whole package and vibe is very reminiscent of the original Bradford Rios.

Another great piece of news came about on Saturday evening about a new rock venue/club called Trash opening up on Sackville Street. The club has been up until recently the West 29 gay-friendly nightclub and previously Utopia and Lingards. The opening night is next Friday (3rd April). I have been to the club a few times over the last few years and I have to say it already has a rock nightclub feel to it anyway. I really hope it takes off. It’s already situated in (or at least very close to) the independent quarter of town. I believe this is exactly what is missing with more and more bars opening in the area, it makes sense to have a destination venue for later on and it is great news for the live music scene. I think it will compliment greatly the newly redeveloped Beehive cellar bar (also a destination venue), which has a real alternative vibe to it and if it stays varied enough to have something different on that last Saturday of each month to compliment Trap Door too, there’s no reason why everybody can’t be happy.

There is a real air of positivity about Bradford nightlife at the moment and long may it remain. I for one have grown very weary of naysayers and it looks like some of the negative elements which have plagued us in recent years are long gone. I love my city and I wish others who are from here would a bit more too. So yeah, top weekend. Here’s to the next one!

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