Dark Embrace – Desireless (1996) Digitally Remastered

Following on from the Dark Embrace – Tears of Pain remaster release last August, we recently unearthed another relic from the archives.

It was 1996. I had left the band by this point to concentrate on Dawnraiser. Craig had also left the band (although he was to rejoin shortly after). The band entered the studio to record two songs – “Desireless” and “Memories”. The drum stool was occupied by Dawnraiser’s Stuart Lockwood for this.

Although I did not actually play on this recording (replaced by this point by Rohan Lander – a lovely bloke and a fantastic guitar player), I did play a major part in the creation of the songs as did Craig. I am immensely proud of what we did, particularly with the song Desireless and I still regret having left the band before having had chance to participate in the recording.

The songs were never circulated all that much but were tagged onto the end of the Tears of Pain tapes as bonus tracks for a time. Up until recently, I had only ever heard very poor cassette reproductions and thanks again to Tim, it’s great to hear them sounding much closer to how they were intended.

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