Cats and dogs

A conversation occurred recently which sparked up the age old question of whether you’re a cat person or a dog person.

Personally, I am firmly in the cat camp. I have adored the animal all of my life. I had one as a child which sadly died when I was 7 years old. My parents always said they’d never get another pet and they never did. In my adult life, I have lived in accommodation which has not been suitable for animals and they’d have contravened the terms of tenancy agreements anyway. One day in the hopefully not too distant future, we’ll move somewhere more suitable but for now, I’ll make do with making a fuss of the pub cat.

As for dogs, I thoroughly detest them. I think I always have done. It’s not a fear thing. I just find them to be really filthy, noisy and stressful animals. Why would anybody want to own or even be near an animal which makes a noise like that? Those who do own them can also be a pain in the arse, either shouting at the thing or expecting everyone else to accept their animal in the same way that they do. I’ve had dogs run up to me in pubs as if to “play” or run round my legs. They never get the hint as the more you try to ignore them, the more they pester you and the owners often do nothing, or if they do it is to shout. In fact, I’ve even been shouted at for refusing to pet a dog once! I think they should be banned from pubs personally, they’re a proper nuisance. And so should their dogs! Dog ownership is something which I will never understand and something which I will never participate in. My home will always be very much a dog free zone, no exceptions.

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