Missing inaction

Blimey, it has been 3 months since I last blogged anything. Time is flying past at an increasingly exponential rate.

In the later summer months, there was a lot of activity with finishing the recording and doing a lot of mixing work on the elusive Dawn of Elysium album. The intention was to release it at the gig we had at Carpe Noctum on 3rd October. However, despite pushing hard to get it done, it became apparent that this would not be ready in time and so we opted to release an EP instead.

Since that time, nothing has really happened as Martin, the producer has had various personal commitments to attend to. It will be ready when it is ready I guess. We all want to get it finished but at the moment, it’s not possible. We have achieved a lot so far and it’s sounding mega but circumstances are not on our side at the moment. Consequently, the album project has been semi put-on-ice for the time being.

In the DOE rehearsal room, we have been attempting to write new material but nothing is very developed yet.

Echofire recorded 5 tracks for a planned EP in the spring time and it was left untouched and unmixed for months. There is some vocal work left to do but the music is all there. We recorded it all at Voltage studios and kept meaning to go back in and finish it. I recently opted to take the source files and attempt the production myself. I have done the majority of the work on one song so far and I’m pretty pleased with the results. I have learned a lot and there’s a ton of work yet to do but at least it’s a bit further on than it was.

In the Echofire rehearsal room, it has been frustrating at times for various reasons. However, progress is being slowly but surely made. Maybe I have expected too much from it at times I don’t know. The band will only ever tick on at the pace at which it does and when it sounds good, it sounds great. This is what keeps my interest.

I think being part of two bands, both of which nominally rehearse every single week, have both been involved with recordings (to varying degrees) and gigs (to a lesser degree this last year) has taken its toll of late, especially given the frustrations outlined above. The last few weeks have been very low on any musical activity and it has been a welcome break. There are gigs coming up for both bands next month, with a further one for DOE on 19th December so we do need to crack on and prepare for those but as far as I am concerned any major studio activity is now on ice until the new year.

All of this has been exacerbated by a bout of seasonal adjustment, which often affects me at this time of year and doesn’t do much for motivation.

At the end of 2014 and the beginning of this year, I commented that I had not been involved in any new recorded material for quite some time. There now exists 17 recorded songs which are at various stages of completion, 4 of which have been released and none of which had been started until January. Although it would have been nice to have it all finished before the end of the year, I can still consider it to be some achievement. I had hoped to be onto new recording projects by now but as a friend reminded me recently, there’s no rush.

In other news, I have recently got myself a Roland GR55. The GR55 is a guitar synthesizer which also incorporates all of the various COSM instrument and amp modelling which Roland/Boss have included in their products over the last 15 years or so. I bought myself a Boss GT5 in the late 90’s and have always used the same series of multi-FX ever since, continuing with the GT6 when the GT5 came to an untimely end at a gig and more recently the GT8. So far, I have spent a few hours playing with the preset patches and started constructing one of my own. I think it will be a while before I can incorporate it into my live set-up properly. Annoyingly, it won’t quite cover everything I currently do with the GT8 as a multi-FX unit but it opens the door to a world of new synth and model sounds. It will take some thinking about but I plan to have lots of fun in the process!

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