Somebody Else’s Problem – benefit gig for PAFRAS at the 1in12 Club (20/02/16)

Last September, my friend Ian Austin was working at the 1in12 club in Bradford and was looking to kick off some more live events as he said the calendar had been a bit sparse for a while. I went in and had a chat with him. He started talking about booking Dawn of Elysium to play and after some more conversation, I said I would put an event together. It had been a while since I had done anything of this nature and although I’m not into the idea of doing it much, it felt right from the moment we started talking.

With the gig being at the 1in12, I thought it would be appropriate to make it a benefit gig. I love the idea of using music to do something positive and have done various charity events over the years. Of all the venues in the area, the 1in12 is the best place to do this as there is a certain honesty about the place. It’s a not-for-profit organisation and so it could be assured that the event wasn’t going to be used purely as a vehicle for elevating bar takings, a situation which has sadly been transparently evident in recent times as many venue proprietors have exploited the intrinsically good nature of bands for their own ends in this manner.

The media has been awash with images of refugees being literally bombed out of their own homes in recent times and whilst this is not a new phenomenon, it has certainly been brought to the fore recently with the escalated wars in the Middle East. This increased media exposure and awareness certainly gave me food for thought. I can’t begin to imagine what these people have gone through, fleeing thousands of miles, endangering their own lives only to arrive at their destination with nothing but the clothes they stand in, to be at best ignored and at worst victimised by the average person in the street. I felt I needed to try and help in some way. I have played and attended a few benefit gigs in Leeds organised by Goth City Promotions for an organisation called PAFRAS who specialise in doing just that and so they seemed like a great choice of charity to get behind. I chose the name “Somebody Else’s Problem” after the continued ill-informed rhetoric which often does the rounds on social media, declaring that “we should look after our own” and “why aren’t neighbouring countries doing anything”. I am not particularly a political person, much less an activist but I do believe that we all have a responsibility to look after our fellow man and woman, no matter where they are from.

After playing around with the idea of an all-dayer, I decided on a 4 band bill in the end. I immediately had 3 of them in mind. After watching Action Directe play a blinder of a gig for their 15 year anniversary last April, I thought they would sit really well on a bill with Bradford anarcho-punk band Anti-System. I promptly asked both bands and they were up for it with Dawn of Elysium as second support. After putting the word out about the gig, Sheffield alt-goth band Every Black Day contacted me immediately and enthused about being added to the bill, which they promptly were.

The gig takes place tomorrow night with the first band onstage at 8pm and entry is £5.

Facebook event page

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