Somebody Else’s Problem – a review by Stephen Malley

8 o’clock and the venue was starting to fill up. The sound check took time but by half past we were on our way with Sheffield’s EVERY BLACK DAY. The trio opened with a slow melodic number. Folk and goth influence was apparent but they were certainly crafting a sound of their own with moody violin, heavy bass that you could feel as well as hear and a vocal style to match. As the set progressed the tempo increased, feet were tapping, people were starting to move and balloon football had kicked off. The set closed with a folkieboogie that lifted the spirit all the way to the back. Every Black Day were great openers that let the 1in12 nicely set up for a great and lively evening.

Next up were Bradford Goths DAWN OF ELYSIUM. The slow instrumental into soon kicked in to a wave of dark melody. A band with a growing reputation were now adding to that with a lot of new faces. Alec’s growling vocals, Emma’s flange bass and Charles’ 80’s synth sound carried across a solid set of six gothic tracks ending with a Quo number. Say What? Pictures of Matchstick Men was very well executed and concluded an excellent set. Balloon football continued throughout.

Leeds Industrial Punks ACTION DIRECTE kicked off with 60 Million Guns. High tempo, heavy guitar, pumping bass, emotional heavy impacting vocals backed up by a drum machine. Frontman Joel took up many an opportunity to leave the stage to join the crowd at the front for a balloon kick about whilst still maintaining his passionate lyrics. The set concluded with the anthemic “We can rebuild us”. Energetic throughout and moments of intensity drove the act through a red riot of thirty minute brilliance.

Last up were ANTI-SYSTEM, West Yorkshire punk rock. The pack a punch energy of this band reached out from the start with Dean’s vocals of angst over a twin guitar attack. The first few rows of the now packed venue were not an ideal place for someone holding a couple of pints of Sam Smiths or not for balloon football. (the balloons were now part of history). Every song gracefully smashed out to a wave of punters who were fully engaged with what was (and should be) a punk gig (or any other gig for that matter). Pure energy throughout and another perfect band for the 1in12.

£225 was raised that evening for PAFRAS. I’m sure the awareness of the cause was realised by all that attended that evening, the punters, the organisers, the musicians, as much of the importance of the money raised. All good fun and a sterling effort coming from a small club in Bradford.

Love and Peace,

Stephen Malley.

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