2017 so far – restless frustration

We’re halfway through the year so I figured a round up of 2017 so far was appropriate.

It’s been a year of changes and frustration in the main, a very different animal from 2016.

From the get go, we had decided to terminate our tenancy at our old place and relocate. It was time for us to move on. We had been in our city centre apartment for a number of years. It had served its purpose and we had a lot of happy memories there but we wanted somewhere we could have a quieter life with a garden. City living has its advantages but it’s not a place to settle down and as time went on, its shortcomings and limitations became all the more evident.

Moving home was a big upheaval. It’s not something I have done very much in my life and it’s not something I want to do many more times to be honest. Finding somewhere was stressful due to the market being very active. It seemed as soon as places came up, they were taken almost immediately. So January was taken up with finding somewhere and after we found somewhere, February was taken up with sorting and moving.

We were in our new home by mid-February, situated close to the village of Idle, which is where much of my family are from and where I spent most of my young life growing up. I noticed a very swift improvement to our quality of life. Less air pollution, less light pollution at night, generally fairly quiet and a real sense of community. My social life started to change and I stopped venturing into the city centre as much and started spending time with friends and family closer to what I now called home.

In the early part of the spring I experienced some health problems which rendered me immobile for a few weeks. My knees were causing me great pain and so I was unable to go about my day to day life. It gave me some time to reflect on a few things and in April, I came to the decision that Man Down was no longer working for me. We’d had significant line-up issues and not much rehearsal time and the more time I spent away from it, the less I felt like returning to it. It was no reflection on anybody else, It’s just that being in two bands was not something I felt able to continue with at the time and if I’m honest, the music wasn’t quite what I wanted to do. I wasn’t giving myself the mental space to think and concentrate on anything creative properly.

Dawn of Elysium rehearsal time was also fairly limited for a number of reasons. However, we started on some new material and have now got 5 definite pieces to contribute to our next album. We released the single track “Drown” at the end of April to co-incide with a couple of gigs we had booked. We have not done much since due to equipment problems and external commitments. However, we have plenty to be getting on with and hope to commence the writing process in earnest in the very near future. This year is especially gig-light for us, which is a welcome thing at the moment.

May has seen a number of further complications as far as our home is concerned. Without going into details, it has resulted in us needing to once again find somewhere to live. This is very much a work in progress. One that we don’t need at this time but one which is necessary. It has been a tough period to say the least.

With all of this going on, I haven’t felt able to settle or feel inspired to use my home studio very much with knowledge of the imminent further upheaval. I had not finished unpacking and arranging it properly as it stood and presently see no point before it all has to be packed and moved again. I have been doing some bits of studio work elsewhere with a couple of friends, though not much has come of it as yet. With a bit of luck and a fair wind, everything should be resolved in a few weeks and I’ll be up and running with my relocated and properly arranged studio. There is certainly plenty on my to-do list and I hope to be in a position by late summer to begin formulating plans properly.

I’m not exactly sure where my musical journey is going to take me next. Dawn of Elysium has certainly got plenty left in it and I can see it continuing for some time to come. There are a number of pieces of unfinished business to attend to regarding projects past but this will be casual and studio based. There’s a certain part of me that wants something but I’m not exactly sure what that something is at the moment. This is the thing that keeps me keeping on, despite me not appearing to be very active.

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