Musicians wanted for brand new band/project

I am looking to start up a brand new band to commence in earnest in the new year of 2018. I have many influences, covering a wide range of musical styles. I’m a rocker at heart and like riffs but also a well constructed song. Over the years, I have touched on a few different sounds from punk, metal, prog and goth but I prefer to see where the music takes me.

Initially, I am looking for a drummer, bassist and vocalist/lyricist and maybe a keyboardist but very much an organic approach throughout. I am equally open to working with new people or people with whom I have worked before and I’d like it to be democratic from the get-go. Let’s leave the egos at the door 😉

I would prefer to play predominantly original material and would be looking at a nominally weekly but flexible rehearsal schedule at Voltage Studios in Bradford with perhaps monthly gigs to come when the band is ready.

If this sounds like the kind of thing you’d like to get involved with, then please get in touch.

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