The Bits Between the Bits

Over the years, I have found myself involved with a number of side projects and inbetween activities.

Solo work
April 1997 – May 1997
After leaving Dawnraiser, I was given the opportunity to record a solo track for local compilation CD called “Innervisions” which some friends were putting together. The song was entitled “Forbidden Passions”. It had more of a goth type sound than what I had done previously and it led nicely on to what we were to create with Purity Cries, the first track of which was also included on the CD.

Some 15 years later, The Wraith (the band that was to become Dawn of Elysium) were to briefly resurrect Forbidden Passions.

Autumn 1998
The brainchild of Mad Tack McGrath A.K.A. Max. E. Million. Oh dear!! Cider and more cider one Saturday afternoon. You don’t want to know … no, really you don’t!! This is the worst thing you will ever hear but it is also quite funny. Tack did this for about 10 years but my involvement consisted of one session and some “remastering” work.

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Old No.7
Summer 1999
This was a good bit of fun. A bunch of us got together and decided to knock out a bit of bluesy rock. We only lasted a couple of months and never played live. We did have one rough rehearsal recording and only did a couple of numbers. I always fancied starting a band like this, perhaps when I am a bit older.

Collaboration with Martin Hawthorn
March 2004 – May 2004
In the spring of 2004, I spent some time writing and recording some bits with my friend Martin Hawthorn who used to play for a number of Bradford bands (Excalibur, Loud, PADD, and Hardware). These were nothing more than sketches and were mainly acoustic based. We did have one (almost) complete song entitled “Sometimes” but Martin left the country before we had chance to take it any further.

Martin returned some ten years later and produced the first Dawn of Elysium album.