Purity Cries

Purity Cries 2001: (from left stage front) Alec Marlow, Phil Kirk, Ian Bell, Stuart Niblock

May 1997 – November 2001
After leaving Dawnraiser, it was time for a complete change in musical direction. I wanted to try and break away from the straight heavy metal sound I had been doing and embark on something a bit darker and more experimental. Phil Kirk and I had been talking about setting something new up for a little while. We had played together in Dawnraiser for a short time but things had not worked out. In the intervening time, he had started making some noise with Stuart “Nibby” Niblock. After many drunken conversations, we finally got ourselves organised and assembled a band. Phil and Nibby were on vocals and guitar respectively and were joined by myself, Daryl Parson and Drax on guitar, bass and drums. The summer of 1997 was a strange one, filled with cider, drama and lots of excitement. The tunes were certainly odd!

Daryl left the band towards the end of the year to be replaced by Ian Bell. Drax left a while after that. It was some time in early 1998 that we chose to continue without a live drummer and Ian got stuck into the world of drum machines and sequencers.

It worked really well for quite a while. The music was fairly industrial with progressive rock and psychedelic influences.

We played quite a few gigs, mainly around West Yorkshire supporting acts such as “The Blood Divine” and “Nightmare Visions” in the process. We also played some venues further afield. We released 2 demo CD’s entitled “Vast” and “Interim Why2K?” and had enough additional unrecorded material to release a full length album. We recorded our first song in time for inclusion on the “Innervisions” CD and also had 2 tracks included on the Voltage Studio’s compilation CD “Aural Quagmire”.

The band became increasingly dysfunctional as time went by and musically I felt it lost itself in the technology. I left at the back end of 2001 for the sake of my own sanity.

After that, Jaz Rhodes joined, replacing me on guitar but it was short lived and the band imploded some time in the early part of 2002.

I am really proud of what we did in Purity Cries and it was certainly an interesting chapter. Despite a number of conversations over the years, I don’t envisage us ever getting together again. I’ll never say never but it’s unlikely.

When I left the band, my intentions were to take a complete break from playing in a band. However, that was not to be …

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