Reeved 2002: (from left) David Ayres, Chris Brooks, Paul Gooding, Michael Ayres, Alec Marlow, Chris Ayres

April 2002 – September 2003
After I left Purity Cries, in the early part of 2002, Paul Gooding and I spent some time catching up after not seeing each other for a while and our conversations inevitably turned to bands and music. Paul had been playing in a covers band since I had last seen him but that had all but ran its course. We started looking at the old Dawnraiser material again with a view to putting some kind of anthology CD together, spanning both phases of the band. It later transpired that this was not to be.

Quite coincidentally and out of the blue, David Ayres got in touch with Paul, recruiting for a band called Reeved he had on the go. Neither of us had seen or spoken to David for the best part of 10 years. Paul joined the band and a couple of months later, I joined too. With Michael Ayres playing drums, it was a kind of a bizarre reunion of most of the original Dawnraiser but since we had all changed so much, also nothing like it. Completing the line-up was Chris Ayres, joining David on vocals and Chris Brooks on bass.

It was a fair musical departure from anything I had done for a while. I felt as though my playing ability had suffered from the times in Purity Cries through its dysfunctional nature (too much alcohol, not enough music) and had also got lost along the way in its all consuming electronic melange. My confidence had taken a knock but Reeved did me the world of good. It was no-nonsense, back to basics rock and the main emphasis was on having fun – something I had all but forgotten how to do. It was all very new and exciting.

We played quite a lot of gigs around the West Yorkshire area and a couple in Crewe. We recorded a demo entitled “Anybody Local?” and had about 10 songs of original material. We also played quite a large number of covers which we made our own. Things were great for a while.

Anyway, towards the end of the summer of 2003 we started trying out some potential new material. After some rehearsal sessions, it was evident that the direction I wanted to pursue was quite different from that of the rest of the band. I wanted to go down a more complex progressive route and the others wanted to rock out with a slightly more nu-metal influence. I left the band in the September and both parties did just that.

I went on to form Jigsaw Culture and Reeved continued for another 2-3 years, experiencing a few line-up changes on the way. Both bands folded sometime in the middle of 2006.

October 2006 – March 2008
In autumn/winter 2006, the original 6 of us reunited briefly, with the intention of playing one final gig. However, all was not well. Rehearsals proved to be problematic and frustratingly, we were forced to cancel the gig with just a few weeks to go.


Reeved reunion 2007: (from left) Dave Ayres, Alec Marlow, Paul Gooding, Michael Ayres, Chris Ayres

Feeling somewhat sold short by the gig cancellation, we kicked the band off again with a fresh attitude in the summer of 2007 with Wild Trash bassist Lyndon Birchall. After rehearsing a lot of old material, penning a couple of new songs and blasting out some new covers, we played a couple of gigs in February and March of 2008 and finally gave the band the proper closure it deserved. I decided to return to Wild Trash full time and the rest of the guys went on to drop the Reeved name and start a brand new project called Old School Enemy.

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