Wild Trash

Wild Trash 2007

Wild Trash 2007: (from left) Simon Brazier, Lyndon Birchall, Kevin Grainger, Alec Marlow

August 2006 – November 2008
After Jigsaw Culture, it seemed that the best course of action to take would be to embark on something which was the polar opposite. Much inspired by Bradford punk band The Negatives, I had been wanting to try my hand at punk rock for some time. After a chance meeting with my old mate Kevin Grainger one night, we decided to form a new band. After the arrival of Lyndon Birchall and Simon Brazier on bass and drums respectively, we had the band nailed and named by December 2006.

Simon left to be replaced by Steve Ward in the spring/summer of 2008.

We played a number of local gigs and recorded 10 tracks over 2 EPs and a CD single in the time I was in the band.


Wild Trash Summer 2008: (from left) Kevin Grainger, Alec Marlow, Lyndon Birchall, Steve Ward

Steve and I both left the band full time in November 2008 to form Suicide By Cop and the remaining guys regrouped with a new line-up which gigged until sometime around the end of 2009.

2010 – 2012
With the band essentially defunct, in 2010, we assembled a line-up of Wild Trash to play a one-off performance at Stanfest 2 in the May. This was essentially a combination of Wild Trash and Suicide By Cop playing Wild Trash songs, including a version of the song Cellophane – a song which I originally wrote for Wild Trash and later became a staple part of the Suicide By Cop set.

In 2011, Wild Trash was once again resurrected, with a slightly new line-up to play what was going to be a one-off performance at Right Up The Bracket 2 in January 2012. The single gig turned into two as we decided to play a warm-up show as well. However, this was only going to be a temporary reunion and after the two gigs, Steve and I returned to Suicide By Cop and the rest of the guys got a new line-up together with a view to continuing. The band folded again around the autumn of 2013.