Suicide By Cop

January 2009 – December 2014
After being involved with Wild Trash for two years, my love of writing and playing punk was developing into something which did not perhaps fit into the ethos of the band. Wild Trash was always about good time fun punk rock and my lyrics were beginning to take on a rather more serious note.

Inspired by the Zeitgeist series of films, I decided to form a new band called Suicide By Cop. This consisted of myself, Steve Ward and Mick Dunn on guitar, drums and keyboards respectively. We were joined shortly after by Kaz Buxton (vocals) and Steve Malley (bass guitar). In contrast to Wild Trash’s noisy punk rock, the keyboards and female vocal gave the sound a refreshing post-punk/new wave vibe.


Suicide By Cop 2009: (from left) Kaz Buxton, Steve Ward, Mick Dunn, Steve Malley, Alec Marlow – photo taken by Tim McLees


SBC original.jpg

Suicide By Cop 2010: (from left) Steve Malley, Steve Ward, Kaz Buxton, Alec Marlow, Mick Dunn

Mick left the band at the beginning of 2011 and the band carried on as a 4-piece with a slightly harder edge.

Suicide By Cop

Suicide By Cop 2011: (from left) Steve Malley, Steve Ward, Kaz Buxton, Alec Marlow



Suicide By Cop 2013: (from left) Steve Ward, Steve Malley, Kaz Buxton, Alec Marlow


In March 2013, Steve Ward decided to leave the band to concentrate on his stoner rock project Lizard Tongue. This affected the band deeply as Steve had been a founder member and an integral part of the sound. We carried on for quite some time with replacement Liam Brook but the sound and musical direction had started to change such that it was effectively no longer what we identified as Suicide By Cop. It took us until December 2014 to finally decide to reboot the band with a new name and fresh start.

Although not the most prolific of bands, Suicide By Cop held its own, playing a number of local gigs, both headlining and supporting more established bands (Dave Barbarossa, UK Subs, Threshold Shift, The Negatives). We recorded 3 EPs, which were later compiled, along with some other unreleased material and released as the full length album “Zeitgest”.

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