Echofire pic

Echofire 2015: (from left) Steve Malley, Kaz Buxton, Alec Marlow, Paul Gooding, Liam Brook

Echofire was born from the ashes of Suicide By Cop at the beginning of 2015. The band members, namely myself, Kaz Buxton (vocals), Steve Malley (bass) and Liam Brook (drums) regrouped and were joined by Paul Gooding on guitar. The last time Paul and I had played together was at the last ever Dawnraiser gig in April 2009.

Musically, Echofire took on a more rock orientated sound than Suicide By Cop, which was highlighted by the addition of a second guitar. The song themes and lyrics were also quite different, mainly due to Kaz taking on more of the writing.

I left the band in May 2016. The project had been riddled with lack of momentum for some time, in truth dating back to Suicide By Cop and I had been unhappy for longer than I dared to admit. I really enjoyed the little that we did achieve and I am immensely proud of the EP we managed to record. I hope to work with some of the members again in the future. What shape that will take I’m not quite sure.

Following my departure, the band experienced a couple of line-up changes before regrouping and starting afresh. It was the boost that they needed.

I went on to form Man Down.