Man Down

After I left Echofire, I immediately set about assembling a new band as I was itching to get going. After a couple of conversations with my friend Mikey May whom I had been wanting to work with for a while and Wild Trash/Reeved bassist Lyndon Birchall, we got the band together. We were joined by a succession of great drummers, the most prominent of whom was a very talented guy called Rick Bulmer, who played for local reggae/ska outfit Trenchtown.

We wrote quite a few original numbers with very much a heavy rock feel but unfortunately never got around to recording them. We did however write and record a Christmas single called “Man Down The Chimney“, which was in aid of the charity CALM. We only played one gig, which was in December 2016.

In the new year of 2017, the project had run out of steam in a number of ways and after a spell of ill health, I decided that being in two bands was no longer working for me at the time and I wanted to concentrate on Dawn of Elysium and studio based projects. This would of course change later on down the line.

Mikey and Lyndon continued after my departure with a new line-up, which in turn evolved into something quite different.