Man Down

I guess it’s around about the right time to mention a bit more on here about my new band. In my previous post, I mentioned that I set about getting a new band together shortly after I left Echofire. The result is Man Down.

I got chatting to my friend Mikey May who had been itching to set up a rock band and play some original material. His previous efforts didn’t quite get to where he wanted them to be and whilst he enjoys playing acoustic shows, both solo and as part of his duo act May Moon, the emphasis was always more on playing covers.

We then got in touch with Lyndon Birchall, whom I had previously played with in Wild Trash and later Reeved. Mikey had also had some sessions with him. We both knew he had been looking for a band for quite some time and fortunately, he jumped at the chance and took the bass position.

Initially, we got together with Warren Garner. We got on great with him and he is a fantastic drummer but unfortunately his work commitments would not allow him to reliably make the rehearsals and so he had to bow out. We all sincerely hope he manages to hook up with a band which fits in better with his schedule as he has an amazing talent and is a great guy. We wish him all the very best.

Shortly after Warren went, Rick Bulmer took up the drum stool and immediately brought a new dimension to the sound. Rick is very versatile, technically proficient and plays with a great feel. He also plays for local reggae/ska band Trenchtown and whilst he enjoys that, rock is his main passion. He settled in very quickly and it’s great to have him onboard.

We have a handful of songs already and there are loads of ideas floating about. Our first gig is booked at The Black Swan in Bradford. It’s on 10th December and we’re on with our good buddies Black Falcon. We’re hoping to hit the studio over the autumn and have our first EP ready for the gig then hopefully get out there and build on it in the new year.

The music itself is kind of contemporary rock with an old school edge. Style-wise it reminds us very much of what we did in Reeved. I can see it being a lot of fun. Really looking forward to getting it properly off the ground. There’s so much positivity and enthusiasm between everyone, it has been quite a tonic for me.

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